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  1. The trend prediction of the waste steel market in 2009

    (1) In 2009, the supply and demand status of the waste steel market in my country

    1, the demand status of my country’s waste steel market in 2009

    In recent years, with the evolution of my country’s industrialization and urbanization process, the steel industry has developed rapidly, the output of crude steel has increased significantly, and the supply of scrap steel resources is in short supply. The annual gap has reached about 10 million tons. According to expert statistics, in the first half of 2008, the average single -consumption level of scrap steel for steelmaking in my country was 145kg/ton steel, which was slightly increased from the single consumption level of 140kg/ton steel in 2007, but in the second half of the year, the market reversed. Steel factories generally reduce production, and the amplitude is large. After the price of scrap steel generally falls rapidly, the market activity is low, which seriously affects the collection of scrap steel. The tight resources are prominent. It will increase. From the comprehensive analysis of the national and domestic macroeconomic operation situation, it is expected that the production of crude steel production in my country will not increase greatly next year. If the annual output of the crude steel is 500 million tons, the single -steel consumption level of steelmaking is 145kg/ton steel. The demand for scrap of steel is about 72.5 million tons. Coupled with the equipment manufacturing industry, the casting industry, the application of scrap steel in the small hardware industry, and the consumption of waste steel resources in the small steel plant, the total demand for scrap steel in my country is expected to reach about 80 million tons. 2. In 2009, the supply of waste steel market resources in my country

    In accordance with the average incremental increase in waste steel since 2000, it is expected that the amount of social scraps in 2009 will be about 46 million tons. According to expert statistics, this year will be available this year. Semi -annual steel enterprises’ self -produced scrap steel (including scrap steel generated on the production line and the repair generated by maintenance) accounted for 5.43 % of the output of crude steel. If the annual crude steel output is 497 million tons, it is calculated. In 2008 The amount is about 27 million tons. At the end of the year, the maintenance may increase the amount of scrap steel. According to this calculation, if the total output of the crude steel in 2009 is calculated by 500 million tons, the steel company produces waste steel at about 28 million tons.

    The summary, according to the calculation of the supply and demand of scrap steel resources in my country, the domestic waste steel market resource gap in 2009 is still above 10 million tons, although the import volume of scrap steel in my country in the fourth quarter of this year will increase. However, if the import situation in 2009 was not fundamentally changed, the tight resources of resource supply would still have a steady support for scrap prices.

    (2) The operating trend of the waste steel market in 2009

    After the 2008 “roller coaster”, the possibility of “crazy” again in the raw material market again in 2009 Not big, the supply and demand relationship is still the main line of the market. In 2009, the situation of the shortage of waste steel resources in my country is expected to not change. The macroeconomic operating environment is a key factor affecting the entire market. The expectations of the decline in importing mining prices and the relatively low operation of international scrap steel prices will have a significant impact on my country’s waste steel market. At present, the global economic crisis is still spreading, and there are many uncertainty in the world economic operation in 2009. The market’s rescue measures, the operation of the steel market, the supply and demand relationship of the raw iron resources, and how to formulate the waste steel tax policy. There are many variables in the waste steel market in 2009. In short, based on the above analysis, it is expected that the domestic scrap market will run reasonably and stable in 2009, and the possibility of ups and downs is very unlikely. Overall maintaining a relatively low level.
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